Episode #1: Using Linked In to Sell More Homes with Rhonda Sher

I am very excited for the very first episode of my new podcast!  Today I am interviewing Rhonda Sher-Linked In Diva on all things Linked In and how we can use it to help us sell more homes.

Rhonda Sher, the creator of The Two Minute Networker™ concept and author of the book, The Two Minute Networker™ has become a nationally recognized expert in business networking. She is the author of The Two Minute Networker, The ABC’s of LinkedIn, Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out and How to Avoid the Business Card Pile-Up – 52 Ways to Boost Your Business with Business Cards.

Rhonda is the expert at teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to eliminate the common cold call and replace it with warm handshakes and networking using LinkedIn. Rhonda helps small business owners, coaches, trainers, sales executives, realtors, mortgage professionals and others leverage LinkedIn to generate more sales, increase credibility and add clients and take relationships to revenue using LinkedIn.

Rhonda Sher
LinkedIn Diva

Creating Linked In Profile that stands out with a personalized banner using CanvaHere is a link to a free tutorial for Canva.

Brainy Quote for daily post ideas on Linked In

Publishing articles in Linked In using Pulse Platform-choose publish article when creating a new post.

Get your Linked In profile evaluated by Rhonda.

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You can read a full transcript of the show here.

In the second episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast I interview marketing strategist and copywriter Amadeus Musumali about best practices for written communication with clients.  Here is a link to the next episode.

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