Episode #13: Follow Up Automation with Steve Rosenbaum

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In the Episode 13 of the New Construction Marketing Podcast I chat with Steve Rosenbaum about secrets to successful selling.  It comes down to being in the right place, at the right time, with a right message talking to a right person.  Learn how to increase your chances of consistent sales results through proven follow up system.

Steve Rosenbaum inspires and mentors tens of thousands worldwide to create massive income for themselves through his thorough and often entertaining training methods. His style is often called, “Passionate”, “Humorous”, “Exciting” and “Real-Life”, and is praised by many worldwide as the catalyst that has turned around the lives of people wanting and needing to start their own business. Steve is the Author of dozens of books and courses. He has been featured in the the NY Times “So What Do You Do, vol. 2″, Wall Street Journal, interviewed by CBS News 20/20, and is a popular speaker that has inspired and motivated at numerous meet ups, events and rallies.

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