Episode #21: Don’t Just Persuade Your Customers-Presuade Them Instead With John Lee-021

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We are on the brink of one of them most incredible jumps in technology that will completely revolutionize the way we sell new construction.  It’s far beyond virtual reality or even augmented reality.  This technology will combine human interaction, visualization and artificial intelligence that will find and build you a perfect home based on your behavior, your likes and dislikes.

No, it’s not a sci-fi episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast my friend-it’s the future of new home sales and it’s knocking on our doors.  John Lee of Rendering House is at the forefront of pioneering a major disruption in the way we sell new homes.  His new venture Anewgo is a software  that will combine Facebook’s social interactivity with Amazon-like artificial intelligence that will presuade clients to buy their new perfect home.

This episode will blow your mind! Make sure to follow John on LinkedIn where he often shows off his latest ideas in 3D.

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Presuade you to buy a new home instead of persuade you

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