Episode #32: Liysa Callsen on Using the Rules of Improv to Communicate

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In today’s episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast I chat with Liysa Callsen.  Liysa’s first love is comedy. However, life said do other things first. She set out to get a paralegal degree – and then life threw in some twists, like extensive customer service positions, fund-raising, event-planning. She even owned her own comedy theater. She produced and starred in comedy shows. And, then the biggest blind-side was joining the carpentry business her husband started. The past three years, she’s been involved in her husband’s carpentry business. Liysa went from holding a microphone to holding drywall. She had to adapt quickly, and be heard. With her YES AND attitude, the significant changes were easier to handle. And, today, she feels like a pro! However, you don’t want her to swing a hammer, she’ll hurt herself.

Now, she’s helping women in construction by teaching them simple and easy tips to become a better communicator. By teaching women how to change the way they engage in conversations, women will be ready to respond, even in difficult times. When it comes to being heard, Liysa teaches effective listening skills by being in the moment. Using improv principles, women will take away inspiration to tackle challenges back in the field.

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Check out Tina Fey’s book Bossypants mentioned in this episode.  I liked it.

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