Episode #50: Care Your Way Into More Sales with Chad Sanschagrin

Chad is the CEO and owner of Cannonball Moments-corporate training company. Chad has extensive experience as a top-rated sales professional for a national homebuilder and has successfully delivered motivational talks to over 10,000 professionals in a multitude of industries with continual growth each day.

Be sure to check out Chad’s Podcast-Cannonball Mindset. The Cannonball Mindset: How Today’s Leaders Achieve More is a podcast dedicated to helping today’s sales leaders and tomorrow’s business experts stay on the cutting edge of their industry by cultivating a growth mindset. Disruptors, innovators, and ground-breakers are all welcome. Whether you’re looking to stay up to date on emerging trends in corporate training, learn from experts about new techniques in personal branding and sales technology, or simply get the right tools for personal and professional growth, this is the podcast for you. Each episode features topics like: revenue growth, leadership, sales acceleration, growth mindset, personal branding, referral business, social media awareness, brand awareness, customer service training, corporate training, company culture, and more.

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