Episode #52 A Lesson in SalesOlogy with Cory Charles

Cory Charles is an Education and Creative Manager at the ApostleTech. Cory trains salespeople to achieve quicker-selling results with the program SALESology. He is a dynamic trainer who specializes in taking apart complex subject matter and breaking it down to simple, applicable, everyday strategies for sales success (with his own fun twist). His workshops are loaded with sales strategies backed by research in the field of consumer behavior.

SALESOLOGY-it’s not about how you sell, it’s about why they buy.

SalesOlogy is loaded with research and studies on how to influence the buying process and increase buyer satisfaction. SALESology isn’t about “how to sell”, but about “how people buy” and the thought processes that drive their decision- making behavior. When you understand how people buy, it’s easier to sell to them. That’s a new approach to selling.

Topics covered on today’s episode:

INSIGHT SELLING (SALES CONVERSATIONS)- What you say, when you say it and how you say it, will drive the tone of your sales conversation with your buyer. Every seller needs to know how to tell an effective STORY that will resonate with the buyer and get them to take action. LEARN how to be a great ‘story seller’ so you can be more memorable in the buyer’s mind but more importantly connect with them.

VALUE CENTRIC SELLING (POSITION YOUR VALUE, NOT YOUR PRICE)- by identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that motivate buyers to act.

INSIDE THE CUSTOMERS BRAIN- Thanks to technology, today’s customers are more informed than ever, and their trust factor is low. Learn how to grab the buyer’s attention and identify what motivates them to make a buying decision so you can POSITION your product better!

BLOCKING OBJECTIONS- Selling has changed! In today’s world of selling it’s no longer about OVERCOMING objections, that’s old school. It’s about BLOCKING objections! Getting buyers to say “Yes” begins by first reducing their resistance to what you have to offer.

NO PRESSURE. Client’s don’t want to be pressured into buying, but you can learn to ‘nudge’ them.

SALES REBOOT (NEW RULES OF SELLING)- The world of selling has changed in so many ways. Today buyers are more informed than ever, and the majority are 60% into the buying cycle before contacting you or your company. It’s CRITICAL to understand what customers are looking for and what you will need to provide them in order to make a buying decision. It’s no longer enough to give them information like features and benefits.

CREDIBILITY: CLOSING THE GAP- Closing the sale often times has less to do with the product or price and more with whether or not the customer TRUSTS YOU.

INFLUENCING CHANGE- Having a great product or price isn’t enough if you can’t convince the customer to take action. Understanding what motivates a customer to buy or not buy is key to selling effectively.

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