Episode #56: Creating Your Own Traffic with Matt Riley

Matt Riley is a Vice President at Group Two Advertising. For the past 15 years, Matt has built an illustrious career in every sense of the word; he has not only significantly increased profits for builders (as a builder himself), but has created fulfilling and meaningful experiences for homeowners all over the country. Through his extensive knowledge of technology and builder challenges, Matt continues to pioneer sales and marketing innovations that deliver substantial results.

Starting out as an on-site salesperson in 2004 to his latest homebuilding position of VP of Sales and Marketing, Matt has taken the reins in many high-level sales and marketing roles for homebuilding companies of all sizes and markets through-out the country, and can be credited for significantly improving marketing strategies, from setting up top-performing online and on-site sales teams to creating and designing award-winning websites focused on lead generation.

There are many reasons that Matt was recently selected to Professional Builder’s Forty Under 40, including authoring “The New Home Builder’s Guide to Online Sales and Marketing” and leading Royal Oaks Homes (his last homebuilding company) to be a top 100 builder through an acute understanding of new digital trends and how to execute them.

A trailblazer within builder sales and marketing, Matt really does do it all. You may have heard him speak at NAHB’s IBS, Pacific Coast Builder Conference, HomebuilderTECH, and other industry conferences and events.

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