Episode #64: Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales with Quint Lears of NewHomeSales.com

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The master contrastor, the mastermind, the new home ninja. Quint Lears is the host and creative director for NewHomeSales.com You probably have seen this mad man on a few videos, Quint serves to expose the industry to all the latest and greatest in home building. From rising stars to CEO’s of the hottest companies, Quint will get anyone and everyone on camera who has insight and innovation in the New Home Industry. As a real estate professional himself, Quint also takes the stage to train new home professionals to be at the top of their game and sell homes with efficiency and integrity. Quint is a published author of the book Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales

On today’s episode we discuss best practices of establishing relationships with realtors or as Quint calls them representatives and we also talk branding and marketing best practices.

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