Episode #77: 5 Follow Up Rules to Rule Your Follow Up with Stephanie Lindamood

This episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast is brought to you by my FREE TRAINING Effortless Follow Up: How to Convert Up to 80% More Sales. To sign up: www.AnyaChrisanthon.com/training

Stephanie Lindamood was a guest on Episode #49 and I was fortunate to be the first guest on Stephanie’s brand new Podcast-The Glam Life of Real Estate. This episode is a replay from Stephanie’s podast where we talk about my favorite subject-Follow Up!

Stephanie is a former new home salesperson, turned real estate agent, branding expert and social media strategist. She is a fashion, beauty, and wellness junkie and obsessed with entrepreneurship, real estate, and social media strategies.  She’s passionate about teaching those around her anything she’s learned in her journey that will help them to grow and thrive in their life and business!

A home grown Dallas girl, she’s a real estate agent, blogger, fitness & health fanatic, and she loves anything that glitters!  Her idea of a perfect day begins with doggie snuggles, a great bulletproof coffee, a pair of killer false lashes, and brunch with her hubby before she knocks out a productive work day.

She’s addicted to improving herself everyday and she’s a HUGE nerd when it comes to finances and business systems – in high heels of course!  In her world work never seems to be done and there’s always a new idea cooking in her brain! So excite for you to meet Stephanie!

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