Episode #78: Confessions of a Secret Shopper with Leah Turner

Today’s episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast is brought to you by my FREE TRAINING Effortless Follow Up: How to Convert Up to 80% More Sales.

Do I have a treat for you today! I am talking with Ms. Video Secret Shopper herself-Leah Turner of Melinda Brody and Company. I’ve been trying to get Leah on the show for a while and boy, she didn’t disappoint!

We’re talking video secret shopping for new home sales! Everyone’s worse nightmare or the best thing that’s ever happened to you? You decide! Leah shares some crazy stories of the good, the bad and the ugly-you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that they caught on video! We also discuss a Benchmark Study that Melinda Brody and Co. conduct annually based on the trends they see in new home sales industry. To get your hands on a FREE COPY of the Benchmark study click HERE

Since 1986, Melinda Brody and Company has exclusively focused on helping homebuilders sell more homes through their industry leading video mystery shopping and sales coaching services. Production and custom homebuilders across the continental US have relied on them for over 30 years for their commitment to customer service, industry experience, and providing the most realistic shoppers.

In addition to video mystery shopping (where the entire sales presentation is recorded by professional shoppers), they also offer customized sales training programs, Talent Insight Assessments, and one-on-one coaching for sales associates, all tailored around your team’s specific needs. Leah Turner, Sales Coach and Trainer for MB&C, has delivered hundreds of coaching and training sessions to builder clients nationwide.

Leah Turner is committed to partnering with sales people to reach new heights in their professional lives! Having spent many years as a highly charged sales and marketing executive in the new home building and general real estate industries, Leah understands the unique challenges and pressures specific to the real estate industry.

Her vast experience in sales and marketing combined with her training in personal coaching allows her to objectively work with a sales team and coach them to success and improve their performance in their professional careers.

As a Sales Coach and Trainer for Melinda Brody and Company, Leah specializes in working with sales consultants in the new home industry to help them create specific goals and implement strategic action plans to achieve sales success.

To get your hands on the copy of the Benchmark Study click HERE

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