Episode #80: How to Get Your Prospects to Open Your Emails with Angela McKay

This episode of the New Construction Marketing Podcast is brought to you by the New Construction Marketing Academy. If you’re ready to automate your follow up to convert more prospects-than this program is for you!

Angela McKay is my guest on today’s show and she is a VP of Client Experience with ECI (Lasso CRM). For over 12 years, Angela is has been responsible for Client Experience for the Residential Home Construction division of ECI.  She also consults to and helps clients who use of Lasso CRM, providing online strategy and email marketing expertise to help homebuilders achieve better results. 

In addition to her work at Lasso, Angela is actively involved with NAHB’s Professional Women in Building and has assisted with communication and education at the national level. She was recognized for her efforts at this year’s International Builders Show with PWB’s Associate of the Year award.

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