Episode #89: Lessons From an Online Sales Counselor to Sell Homes Remotely

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Leah Fellow is a National Online Sales Counselor Trainer for the home building industry. Getting her start in onsite sales in 2006, she spent 7 years in-house and remotely as an Online Sales Counselor (OSC).

She began Blue Gypsy Inc. in 2010 and has implemented dozens of OSC
Programs for builders around the country. Leah brings real world experience, and a unique, relatable quality to all her clients and speaking engagements.

Giving back to the building industry is important to Leah. She maintains memberships with the Professional Women in Building Council and the Sales and Marketing Council locally and nationally. Current board member of The Homebuilders association of Metro Denver Professional Women in Building Council, she also chairs the Mentoring Committee and is the
NAHB PWB’s Vice Chair of the Education and Communications sub-committee. She is also a member of the board of Trustees for the National Sales and Marketing Council.

She has written numerous articles for Building Women Magazine, Build Maryland Magazine, and other industry blogs and publications and has spoken at PWB Headquarters at the International Building Show.
Prior to working in the building industry Leah lived the gypsy vagabond life – traveling around the world for 13 years as a sailboat captain, dive instructor, and backpacker after receiving a degree in communication at Boston University.

You can receive a free consultation from Leah by visiting her website
Also, she will be leading a 2-day retreat October 15-16th in Denver for Online Sales Counselors. Spaces are limited to keep the group intimate to maximize learning. You can find out more information here

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