Episode # 95: LinkedIn Social Selling with Steve Rosenbaum

Steve is a returning guest-he appeared on Episode #13 of the Podcast. Today we’re talking about increasing your influence and social selling for LinkedIn. Steve is hosting a free VIP class just for my listeners to give you additional tools and strategies to help you sell more homes using LinkedIn-click HERE to register for this free class.

To check your social selling index-log in to your LinkedIn account and then go: linkedin.com/sales/ssi Share your score and what’s the area where you can improve the most in our Facebook Group.

Steve Rosenbaum was first coined the “Original Follow Up Specialist” following interviews in the Wall Street Journal and with ABC News 20/20 about his successful conversion strategies. The name has stuck ever since.

With over 30 years marketing automation and sales management expertise, Steve is widely sought out by companies and professionals in dozens of industries wishing to apply his techniques to improve their sales and profitability.

You can best follow Steve Rosenbaum by joining any of the lists on his site, and be joining private Facebook Group for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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