Episode #96: A Home. Not a House with Cynthia Cummins

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Cynthia is a top Realtor and mindful living expert in San Francisco, with 3
decades’ of hard-won wisdom on everything to do with home and real estate. Cynthia’s blog – RealEstateTherapy.org – addresses the deeper meanings of home and real estate, and her perspectives on that subject shed new light on a topic that’s usually reduced to a recitation of statistics and top-ten tips for the homeowner.

Cynthia sells houses in San Francisco. It’s arguably the most daunting real estate market in the country, where winning a 900 sq. ft. two bedroom condo means coughing up $1.2 million in cash and doing battle with five other buyers for that dubious honor. It’s a pressure cooker where commerce and human emotions collide, and in her 30 years spent swimming in that soup, she has gained a lot of wisdom about the psychology of seeking shelter. Buying or selling property is a focus for the manifestation of every desire, neurosis, dream or value a human
being can possess. And real estate is, first and foremost, about home and its
deepest meaning. It’s not merely a transaction. It’s a transition. And – if you’re lucky – it offers a chance for transformation and healing. Her popular blog RealEstateTherapy.org explores the rich and complex narrative behind every home sale and reveals the ideas and guidelines that can make the experience a rewarding, life-affirming journey.

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