Episode #97: Selling on Zoom – Best Practices with Jason Forrest

Today’s episode is brought to you by TecHome Builder Online Summit happening on a computer near you on September 29th and 30th. My guest today-Jason Forrest is one of the speakers at the event-don’t miss his session-State of the Art in Model Home Tours on September 30th at 12:30 pm EST.

Jason Forrest is CEO at FPG, a national recruiting and sales training company. He is an award-winning executive, the author of seven books, and the creator of cutting-edge sales and leadership training programs. Click on a link to grab your copy of Jason’t latest book The Mindset of a Sales Warrior

Jason’t partner and wife Mary Marshall was a guest on Episode #44 if you want to compare the notes.

Jason and Mary’s combined mission is to give every sales professional, manager, and executive the tactical, real-world knowledge so they can remove any limiting beliefs keeping them from breaking their plateaus.

Leashes are limiting beliefs every person experiences. That voice inside your head whispering you can’t do something? That’s your past programming negatively influencing your results. It’s also a false narrative. You were born with every internal tool you need to succeed. It just needs to be continually called out and strengthened. That’s when Jason and Mary came to a powerful realization that the best training isn’t just telling people what to do, or how to do it, or even why to do it. It’s unleashing their mindset. It’s removing those mental chokeholds to help them see the true, fully realized picture of their abilities.

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