As I Celebrate My 36th Birthday, Here is What I Know…

Photography by Jodi Lynn

As I turn 36 years young today I know the following truths about myself and look forward to discovering more in the years to come:
1. I love birthdays! I hope I never become one of those women who doesn’t want to celebrate.
2. I hate amusement parks and grocery stores. Lucky for me, my hubs banned me from shopping because I end up spending way too much!
3. Khaleesi is my spirit animal. Dracarys bitches!
4. I am a loyal friend but once you break my trust-you’re out.
5. I always stand up for myself.
6. I plan to write my first book in 2019.
7. I love champagne! Cheers! ?
8. When I am not drinking champagne-sparkling water is my go to.
9. I am an introvert and prefer to have a few close friends but luckily my hubs loves to entertain and I would have no social life if it wasn’t for him.
10. I have a major case of wanderlust! Even if it’s travel for work I get excited and think of it as an adventure.
11. I trust my intuition and it’s usually spot on! Especially when I meet someone for the first time-I can tell what kind of a person they are.
12. I lead with my heart and believe that people are good. Until proven otherwise.
13. Real Housewives are my guilty pleasure! I especially love BH and OC. And Vanderpump Rules!
14. People assume that I don’t eat much because I am slender, but I have a super fast metabolism and can out-eat anyone!
15. Speaking of food-I love it. I am very adventurous with it and willing to try pretty much anything.
16. Eggplant is the only food I refuse to eat. Gross!
17. I am super awkward at networking events. I know I can do it, just need a mindset shift.
18. I am a girls girl. I have the best girlfriends in the world and we go way back. They are my ride or die.
19. I hate shopping with other people. It’s a solo mission.
20. I’d rather spend my money on experiences than things.
21. I love public speaking and nothing makes me happier than to see when it clicks for my audience.
22. I live for fashion and take any and every opportunity to wear a cute outfit.
23. I am superstitious and have a slight obsession with an evil eye jewelry.
24. My dream is to live on a non working farm or a winery.
25. I am a former cat person turned husky person. I still don’t like any other dogs.
26. Same applies to my babies. I am a mama lion but pretty much can’t stand other people’s kids.
27. I am not afraid to go after new things and get into unchartered territories. Being comfortable makes me uncomfortable.
28. I bleed PSU blue. We are…..
29. I love to read. I hated it as a child and young adult and really got into books in my late twenties. Thanks to audible.
30. My Russian is embarrassing and I plan on a whole summer back in the motherland at some point to get me back on track.
31. I never got presents as a child or any substantial gifts (growing up in the USSR) so I go a little overboard with my kids presents. I know it’s not the best for them and working on recovering from it. Same goes for “I love you’s” but I’ll never stop telling my kids.
32. Condensed milk is all I need. I can eat it by spoon fulls. My hubby thinks I am nuts for it!
33. I am generous. Sometimes to a fault-I’d give away my last dollar to someone in need.
34. I am not a gambler, I don’t get it.
35. Being by the ocean is my happy place. Never get tired of it.
36. I only know what I know. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and I know there is so much more that I am yet to learn.

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