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Effortless Follow Up-In Person or Online Workshop

Builders-you spend thousands on lead generation, but did you know that 52% of your salespeople never even follow up with their prospects?

Truth is, you don’t have a traffic problem-it’s a conversion problem. In fact, 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow up, but only 10% of salespeople make more than 3 contacts with their prospects. I bet you can name these ten percenters on your team-they’re the ones who sell most of your homes.

Thing is, it’s not salespeople’s fault…well, not entirely. We train them all day long on the discovery process and the model demo, but we spend virtually no time on follow up training.

So if you’re ready to see an increase in your appointment to sale conversion, than this training is for you! Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Mindset of a Follow Up Champion

Most salespeople falsely believe that when they repeatedly follow up with their prospects-they simply annoy them. In this lesson they’ll learn how to follow up so that their prospects will want to take their calls and read their emails.

  • Knowing Your Customer and What They Need to Know Before They Buy from You

To create effective messaging that moves customers to action you need to know whom you’re speaking to. In this lesson you’ll discover your ideal customer profile and what to say to them to move them forward in your sales funnel.   

  • The 12 Follow Up Messages to Convert Up to 80% More Sales

Instead of re-writing the same emails over and over again, we’ll write your core follow up messages that you can either automate or use over and over again in your follow up. No need to be a copywriter-in this lesson we’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of effective email writing techniques.  

  •  Video Messaging

Other than face-to-face, video is the fastest way to build a relationship with your prospects and it significantly increases email open and response rates. In this lesson you’ll learn how to easily implement video in your follow up without the expensive equipment or software.       

  • Beyond the Sale and Advanced Follow Up Strategies

Once a purchase contract is signed, most salespeople are out chasing their next sale while their buyers feel neglected and wonder if they’ve made a right decision to buy. And very few salespeople keep in touch with their buyers past their settlement date, missing a major opportunity for referrals. In this lesson they’ll learn how to keep adding value to their buyers beyond the purchase of their home to reduce their cancellation rate and increase referrals.    

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One Hour Marketing Strategy Call with Me

Want to pick my brain? This one hour marketing strategy call will be conducted via Zoom. You’ll get a Zoom recording of our session, email outlining follow up items, and I’ll check in with you a week later to assist with implementation. Book your One Hour Strategy Call right here.

Communication Package Done For You 

Don’t just love them and leave them! Your past buyers are your best source of referrals. They already know, like and trust you so don’t leave them behind. This package includes a monthly letter to your past buyers to keep them in the loop of your current projects while providing helpful information to strengthen your relationship. We’ll amplify your message with a monthly blog post to help your potential buyers discover you and your services. Lastly we’ll use social media to increase your visibility and start conversations with your potential buyers. Book your call to find out more.

Done For You Video Services

Nobody wants to read a boring “About Us” Page. Customers are more likely to engage with you if you tell your story in a video-better yet, let your buyers tell your story for you. We offer done for you videos, shot and edited by a professional videographer. We’ll spend a day with you to help you come up with appropriate scrips to tell your story and help you connect with your customers and increase conversions. Schedule a call to learn more.