How To Sell A Home Before Your Customer Steps A Foot Into Your Model

We all know these follow up stats.  So if that’s what it takes to close a sale, what does it take to get a customer into your model to begin with?  Less and less of your prospects walking through the door are coming in because they just happen to drive by.  Vast majority of people have been virtually stalking your community online for months, so how can you sell a home before your customer steps  a foot into your model?

National Association of Realtors (NAR) published the following statistics for 2016 on where buyers founds the home they purchased:

Updated data for 2017 should be published later this year and as expected you may see the number of internet users for home search go up closer to 80%.  This trend will continue as technology plays a bigger role in our lives.  Another interesting factor that contributes to an increase in number of customers using internet to find their next home is that 33% of all homebuyers in 2017 were millennials.  Millennials are a generation born between early 1980’s and 2000’s and they make up roughly a quarter of all population and they’re finally leaving their parents’ basements and becoming homeowners.

Millennials were born online so it’s not surprising that it’s where they initiate their home search.  They’re taking it upon themselves to research and educate themselves about your community, available models and a builder before they decide that it’s compelling enough to call or visit your model in person.  Great news is that when they finally walk through your door-you’re not dealing with a cold lead, but a very warm prospect who may be ready to buy as long as their initial findings are confirmed.  

Internet is a great opportunity to establish a relationship and build trust with your potential buyers before you ever even meet them in person.  It is not surprising that individuals who use digital marketing are more successful at converting more sales than their peers.  So what are you doing online to attract your potential buyers?  

Remember first impressions are difficult to change and we all judge a book by it’s cover so it’s crucial for success that you put your best foot forward when it comes to online presence.  Your potential customers are looking at pictures and virtual tours of your models, pricing and details about your homes, and reading reviews.  If that information is difficult to find, they’re moving on to the next one.  So how will your marketing plan be influenced by this?  

Start by updating your Zillow profile.  Here is your Cheat Sheet on 10 Steps to Zillow Profile That Converts.  

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