New Construction Marketing Academy Open Enrollment Now Through October 29th!

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New Construction Marketing Academy is an eight-week online program for new home sales professionals. I will be your online teacher and each week you’ll explore a new topic through video on your own time and at your own pace. First week of class begins on October 30th and you should be finished by December 18th, but you will have a lifetime access to this course so you’ll be able to come back to it as often as you’d like. By the end of this course you will:

Get the confidence and know how to automate most of your follow up and prospecting activities so that no matter how busy you become; no customer is ever neglected by you resulting in consistent sales and predictable income.

Learn how to identify and attract the ideal customer profile for your community through effective communication and marketing.

Reduce your cancelations and turn your buyers into a source of life-long referrals by cultivating trust during the construction period and continuing this relationship beyond the settlement date.

Confidently stand out from the crowd with best first impressions and instant credibility through video marketing by utilizing social media and most popular buyer search sites such as Zillow and Realtor.

Enrollment is open now through October 29th, 2019-once the doors close you will not be able to enroll in this course until 2020.

Become a founding member and take advantage of the low introductory price. You will not see this price again when the enrollment opens again next year.

Don’t wait another year! You’ll be wondering how you ever lived without these systems in place before.

Get started now!

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