New Home Sales Coaching

Every decision you’ve made up to this point has brought you to this place, where you are primed and ready to make a big shift!

The role of a sales professional has drastically changed over the last few years along with the customer experience expectations. Technology is moving at a lightning speed and if you’re not embracing it and incorporating it into your sales process you will be left behind.

You can’t rely on economy or your builder for your success, it is your responsibility as a sales professional to generate your own model traffic. I am a big believer in working smarter, not harder and it is my goal to teach you my proven step by step systems to streamline your sales process.

I offer an eight-week one-on-one coaching program that can be customized to your specific goals. We will spend an hour each week via Zoom meeting tackling that week’s topic and then we’ll have time for Q&A and help with specific prospects in order to move them further in the funnel.

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There’s Hope!

I know that feeling of being on a hamster wheel and that desperate emotion of starting from scratch each month-no matter how many homes you just sold.

You don’t have to be on a roller coaster ride and there is a better way that will give you more predictable income without being attached to your computer or phone 24/7.

Ready for a change?

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