Today is the World Compliment Day so Make Someone Feel Special!

If you’ve ever  received a genuine compliment from a stranger than you know how it feels.  It can light up your mood and even turn a bad day into a good day.  Our words have power so take an opportunity to brighten someone else’s day during the World Compliment Day.

If you don’t feel like coming up to random strangers, start with your customers.  Make them feel special by telling them how much you appreciate them.  Let’s face it-it all starts and ends with our customers and the success of our business is determined by how well we take care of them.  Take this opportunity to remind your customers just how much you appreciate them!  It can be a simple note or if you want to go more elaborate you can incorporate some of the following ideas into your outreach efforts:



Don’t forget about your partners-people who help you do what you do best: realtors, vendors, etc.  You can easily turn the hi-lite idea into a marketing drop opportunity for your local real estate office with something along the lines of: Your referrals are a hi-lite of my day!  or I want to hi-lite how much your business means to me!  Everyone can use an extra hi-liter in their office and it’s a creative and inexpensive idea to remind them how much you appreciate their referral business.

People won’t remember the words you used, but they’ll remember how you made them feel-so reach out and spread that feel good feeling (in non creepy way).

Need some ideas for your prospects?  It’s a perfect opportunity to reach out with a text message or email of a picture of their favorite model home and a caption: Today is the World Complement Day and you’d look sooo good in this model!

The bottom line is that it’s an excuse to reach out and remind them why your community and that home is a perfect match for them and how it will make them feel once they’re living in their home.  It should be playful and light and most people will appreciate your creativity.

Need more ideas for the new month?  Check out this Monthly Marketing Calendar to get every day inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!

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